A sound mind in a sound body

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A sound mind in a sound body
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A sound mind in a sound body

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Health freak- a person who thinks only of his/her health

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Match a word with its translation Eyesight көру dumb-bell гантель seed дән sunflower күнбағыс oxygen оттегі germ микроб lift көтеру

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GOOD AND BAD HABITSGOOD: Regularity In life promotes your health. Sleeping seven or eight hours, getting up early, eating breakfast, a healthy diet and regular meals is really a good way to live. BAD: Sleeping too much or too little, snacking and skipping breakfast are not quite as deadly as smoking, obesity and drinking. But they are indicative of dangerously chaotic lifestyles.

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Importance of health in our lifeThe health a very important thing in the life of everyone. The people must care about their health since their childhood. The life of people with problems connected with their health isn’t nice. They think about these problems a lot of time. As for me, I take my health seriously, because I think that health isn’t bought and I should take care of it. A sound mind in a sound body. I wish you good health.

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