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Содержание слайда №1 (31 знак, 4 слова)

Z-Trade Internet Trading System

Содержание слайда №2 (279 знаков, 42 слова)

Z-Trade: purpose and usersDeveloped by Zerich Capital Management Investment Company to meet the needs of is clients. Created as a result of close interaction of all company departments and “from dictation” of the clients. Available since fall of 2000. Distributed free of charge.

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Features of Z-Trade: trading floorsSimultaneous work on trading floors: MICEX RTS Other trade systems with gateway interface Work with different instruments: Shares Loan securities Futures Options Other instruments available on trading floors On-line trading floors information;

Содержание слайда №4 (338 знаков, 42 слова)

Features of Z-Trade: administrationdisplay of current state of account, position for funds and securities position; real time settlement of transactions; different kinds of orders, including conditional orders; sub-administration: administration of an account group, permission system; transfer of assets between different trading floors;

Содержание слайда №5 (313 знаков, 37 слов)

Features of Z-Trade: analyticsOn-line research and information support : information agencies news; Zerich Capital Management Investment Company analytics; integrated technical analysis MetaStock Online system; On-line data export to external systems of technical analysis (protocols: DDE, plain text, «plug-in»);

Содержание слайда №6 (374 знака, 45 слов)

Features of Z-Trade: reports, message exchange, interfacereport generating system, individual setting up of tariff plans; message exchange between Z-Trade users and administrators; tabular and graphic data representation; unique settings features of tabular data representation; advanced interface of order entry: editing, conditional orders, stop-loss, “order preparation";

Содержание слайда №7 (295 знаков, 40 слов)

Features of Z-Trade: settings and interfacesFeature of saving and switching of individual settings for each trading floor and security; Automated program update; Transaction import from external sources; Feature of automatic trade system connection and different mechanisms of such a connection.

Содержание слайда №8 (401 знак, 44 слова)

Z-Trade Security: technological security instrumentsIntegrated Notarius cryptographic security software (certificates РОСС RU. СП05. С00012 and РОСС. RU. СП05. 00013); Standard security certificates; Electronic digital signature (authentication and verification of digital electronic order integrity); Password access; IP-addresses limit (by request); Complex of administrative and technical measures;

Содержание слайда №9 (416 знаков, 51 слово)

Z-Trade Security: information protection: Information confidentiality (client sees only the information which is related to him); Information encryption during internet transmission; Z-Trade components access restriction (different access levels for company employees); Information protection on the client side (Client provides safety of confidential information on the computer, password and digital signature key)

Содержание слайда №10 (401 знак, 53 слова)

Advantages of Z-TradeThe program is an in-house development (prompt response to clients’ feedback, informational and technical support at first hand); Open architecture (capability of modules embedding by the developer or user, integration with external programs); Wide use of advanced technologies (WEB/HTML, ActiveScript, ActiveX Plugin…); Advanced means of report development and program automation

Содержание слайда №11 (319 знаков, 46 слов)

Important features of Z-TradeIntuitive interface; Flexible settings for users with different levels of technical training (from a beginner to an advanced user, a series of ready settings, capability to change functionality in a wide range); Minimal dependency from third-party software installed on the user’s computer;

Содержание слайда №12 (352 знака, 48 слов)

Non-interference with other programs and operating system services work (self-sufficiency principle); All components are installed at one go, in one working directory; There is no additional components of third-party manufacturers; System settings are not being involved; Close integration with software on the broker side. Free of charge distribution.

Содержание слайда №13 (249 знаков, 33 слова)

System requirements Z-Trade, version 2. 60Operating system: Windows 2000/XP or higher. RAM: from 256 Mb (512 Mb recommended). Hard disk: at least 20 Mb for installation and 30 Mb for work. Applications: MS Internet Explorer versions 6. 00 or higher.

Содержание слайда №14 (40 знаков, 6 слов)

Z-Trade: growth dynamics of active users

Содержание слайда №15 (598 знаков, 85 слов)

Z-Trade: references«Z-Trade Internet trading system is likely one of the most successful systems in the Russian market. A well balanced set of services allows to get the best effectiveness. Deliberate renunciation of developers from resource-intensive and redundant technical analysis services, focus on order management services and original findings in interface administration allowed to create a software ideally suited both for a beginner and an experienced trader…» Constantine Tsarikhin, Ph. D. , Trader since 1993, Author of five books and more than 40 publications on stock markets trading

Содержание слайда №16 (556 знаков, 84 слова)

«We recommend using Z-Trade to participants in our course. It is not hard to convince them in its advantages. It has only necessary services and no extras. Beginner traders appreciate intuitive interface and speed. They don’t need redundancy, and for technical analysis needs it is more practical to use dedicated packages (MetaStock, for example) which are perfectly compatible with Z-trade. 90% of our graduates use Z-trade as a basic internet trading system. » Vladimir Baranin, Director of raining center of Zerich Capital Management Investment Company

Содержание слайда №17 (325 знаков, 39 слов)

Z-Trade: development plansImprovement of performance, security and ergonomics; Improvement of marginal lending system; Development of integrated technical analysis tools; Building-in additional news bulletins; Development of built-in information and research tools and quotes translation from world’s leading stock exchanges.

Содержание слайда №18 (151 знак, 15 слов)

Thank you for your attentionCONTACT INFORMATION: Russia, 119034, Moscow, Vsevolozhsky per. , 2, bldg. 2 tel. : +7 (495) 737-0099 fax: +7 (495) 737-6499