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Содержание слайда №1 (29 знаков, 5 слов)

Russian native breeds of cats

Содержание слайда №2 (91 знак, 16 слов)

Cats first appeared with the spread of Eastern Slavic tribes. It was in the VI-IX centuries

Содержание слайда №3 (46 знаков, 8 слов)

Ancient native breed of Russia is Russian Blue

Содержание слайда №4 (166 знаков, 29 слов)

They have an elongated body, medium build, long tail, tall and shapely legs. Eyes only the saturated green. The coat is short, soft. Colour blue with a silvery sheen.

Содержание слайда №5 (149 знаков, 24 слова)

The Siberian catMedium or large size, with different physical abilities. Large ears with a brush, snout short and long hair, wide tail. Color varied.

Содержание слайда №6 (130 знаков, 24 слова)

Don SphynxDo not have a coat, ears large and medium-sized eyes, the body strong, and the tail is long, straight. Color may be any.