Best time of year - summer!

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Best time of year - summer!
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Содержание слайда №1 (105 знаков, 19 слов)

The Dear friend, I invite You visit its city in daylight-savings time of year! Best time of year- summer!

Содержание слайда №2 (180 знаков, 32 слова)

What type of cloth you may advise its friend? I can advise you to take several kits of cloth: t-shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans, charges, several warm woman's jackets - on any event!

Содержание слайда №3 (121 знак, 24 слова)

As possible get before my city? You can in my city to on plane. This be most best way since this quickly and comfortable!

Содержание слайда №4 (80 знаков, 18 слов)

You can stops beside me in house, in my room! Where you can to live for a while?

Содержание слайда №5 (246 знаков, 39 слов)

How much this will cost? The Ticket on plane will cost- 10000$. The Residence in my house, certainly, gratis, you after all my friend! You can to take, where that approximately 1000$ on pocket expenses, for instance: on cafe, cinema, souvenires …

Содержание слайда №6 (163 знака, 29 слов)

What amusemensI can offer much amusements in its loved city NEW YORK you to visit "Hollywood", descend on beach, be run on local shops, descend in some class club!

Содержание слайда №7 (205 знаков, 36 слов)

The Advices to friend! My advices: prepare beforehand money, cramps tickets on plane, warn its company about that that you leave that they you at day of departure did not on the next tussocks! Here is! ! !