Amazing buidings

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Amazing buidings
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Amazing buildings

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National Library

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It was founded by the Belarusian State and University Library. The number of readers has increased steadily. Throughout its history the library has changed several buildings, and soon it became necessary to build a new large and functional library building.

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Upside down house

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Unique house, which stands on the roof, decorated in a socialist style of the 1970s. Upside down house makes a strange feeling: the entrance is on the roof, all come through the window, and guests walk on the ceiling.

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Building basket built in 1997. construction weight - about 8, 500 tons, the weight of supporting pillars - 150 tons. At the building was used almost 8, 000 m3 of concrete. Useful area of the building - 180 000 square feet. Basket is located in the territory of about 20 000 square feet (about 2200 m2) and fully replicates one of the trademarks of its owner.

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Ferrari World park

Содержание слайда №9 (267 знаков, 44 слова)

Ferrari Theme Park is located under the roof area of 200 000 m², and this is the world's largest theme park, located in the room. Ferrari World was officially opened on November 4, 2010. There is also the fastest pneumatic roller coaster in the world - Formula Rossa.

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Slim house

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An unusual house, also known as "Slim House", located close to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington (London).

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The end!