Advantages and disadvantages of computer

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Advantages and disadvantages of computer
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Advantages and disadvantages of computer Выполнила Созанкова Елена Александровна Учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ № 1 г. Богородоск Нижегородской обл.

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With the computer technology developing quickly and increasing growth of the people’s living level, various technologic products are coming into our lives including computer that has been becoming a indispensable main part of our lives since last century. But it has both advantages and disadvantages. indispensable - необходимый, обязательный; незаменимый, важный

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AdvantagesSomeone thinks that it is very important and necessary for our lives to make use of computer. With the help of it, we can move up the efficiency and method in our work or lives, and leave much time to do more things. It is well illustrated by online registration, such as a lot of examinations. It is also extensively applied to the finance industry, like bank and so forth. .

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Indeed, it is obvious that it is important for us to take full advantage of it. Beside, we can enjoy online surfing by it. And we can contact each other quickly and easily, such as by internet telephone or instant communication.

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DisadvantagesHowever, others argue that it is no use having it. Major reasons for it that it is full of mass negative information and illegal usage can be mentioned.

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Nowadays, many persons are lost to the internet, even some are addicted, especially younger students. So some parents are worried about their children. As for them, this is very hateful.

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ConclusionIn my opinion, it has both advantages and disadvantages. We should make proper use of it. Only in this way can we benefit from it.

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Glossaryonline surfing - переходить с одного сайта на другой indispensable - необходимый, обязательный; незаменимый, важный efficiency - 1) эффективность, результативность, действенность, 2) продуктивность, производительность forth - 1) вперёд, дальше (в пространственном отношении), 2) впредь, далее (во временном отношении), benefit - извлекать пользу, выгоду из чего-л. (by)